Yuliia Kravchenko Arts


About the artist:

Yuliia Kravchenko was born in Ukraine in 1995 and was essentially born into painting. She began her training at an art school at a young age. After completing her studies in design at the Cherkasy State Business College, she went on to study graphic design at the Kyiv National University of Technology and Design, where she successfully graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2017. Since then, the artist has been living in Germany and studying light design and interior design at the Hildesheim University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK).

Kravchenko’s heart belongs to style icons from fashion, sports, music, or film, which inspire her works. Her solid and long-standing artistic education, combined with a penchant for perfectionism, allows her to immerse herself deeply in the world of her models. Even during the planning of a painting, she delves into the history and soul of the portrayed individuals; reading biographies and interviews or watching documentaries helps her along the way. And while she paints, the corresponding songs or films play loudly in the background.


After her classical and comprehensive education, the style of the artist is oriented between Modern Art and Pop Art. With a distinctive signature, Yuliia Kravchenko creates colorful masterpieces that portray present-day style icons with precise brushstrokes and academic portrait composition. The large-scale portraits are garnished with quotes, newspaper clippings, or textile materials, allowing the viewer to discover new details each time they look at them.

By using bold acrylic colors and strategically incorporating neon hues, the artworks exude not only a strong emotional expression but also a unique atmosphere under black light.

Kravchenko knows no bounds in the creation of her art: she applies her powerful painting not only to large canvases but also to art objects such as oil barrels, champagne bottles, and other everyday objects. The artist has even embellished clothing and handbags.

In addition to Germany, Kravchenko’s art can already be admired by collectors and art galleries in Kyiv (Ukraine), California (USA), and Mallorca (Spain), as well as worldwide.